Artists Statement


Sarah Gavin is an artist whose interest lies in the relationship between image and sound. Integrating different mediums such as drawing, sound, video art and performance to create work that is multi faceted, ethereal and usually site specific.

A BA Hons Drawing graduate from Camberwell University of the Arts in 2012 , her work has evolved from an interest in using different mediums to illustrate ongoing ideas to do with space, language and memory.

Creating sound pieces alongside imagery to communicate how images and sound can be combined to portray abstractions of the real, the combinations of mediums allows for different elements of emotion to be encompassed within the work.

In previous works she has experimented with chance determined scores, creating sounds using words, the live trace of an object onto music manuscript paper and creating sound installations derived from a study of human hair.  Her artwork raises questions such as how the functionality of sound within different environments affects an audience and how sound relates to site specific spaces and the combinations of mediums that open up new possibilities in art.

Sarah Gavin has nursed an ongoing fascination with the documentation of time and memory within her art. Using sound to demonstrate how perceptions of time can be altered. Her sound pieces are an abstract re-interpretation of images, creating parallels between the visual and audial.

Sarah Gavin’s work encourages the audience to listen to the imagery set before them, demonstrating how sound can be directly illustrative of an image.



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