Art Pendeo

Art Pendeo

10 Vyner Street – June 2013.

A Portrait of Modern Movement Poster final for web

Artwork for Poster – Sarah Gavin and Tom Jackson

Art Pendeo is proud to present the first group exhibition organised by the art collective. A Portrait of Modern Movement is a group show featuring the work of 23 London based artists, curated by Heather Firminger and Sarah Gavin. Presenting a collection of artworks that traces the specific understanding the artists have of ‘movement’. Painting, drawing, sculpture, print, performance art and audio visual works come together to create a kinetic environment continually evolving over the duration of the show.

The curatorial aim of the show is to create a space that is alive with tidal movement. Renouncing the austere gallery environment, and creating a space that encourages the viewer to interact with live performances and visual work returning at times to a state of placid reflection of the actions that have taken place.

There will be scheduled performances during the private view that the audience will be encouraged to participate with from artists SECRET AV, Tom Estes and Laura D Milnes. On the weekend of the 8th of June there will be collaborative performances from sound artists Jack Hancock and Sarah Gavin. The gallery will be open for one week playing host to a print shop where you will be able to buy editions and prints of the artists work.







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